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This May 2015 we are driving over 1500 miles from the UK to Benidorm in Spain to raise money for charity. This is being completed in a banger of a car we bought off the internet for cheap

Why are we doing this? Well of course its all about raising money for our chosen charities as well as having an epic time driving across as many countries as possible making new friends.

Having done this sort of rally before back in 2009 with the Sucata Rally driving a made up Delorean to the furthest westerly point in Portugal and raising over �2000 for charity. This year we have joined up with Benidorm or Bust Rally to drive our beat up Peugoet 406 all the way to Benidorm (and back).Hence the name of the team... Kack 406 + Taxi = Kaxi!

So check out the Benidorm or Bust website by clicking the link to the right of the screen. Maybe you fancy something similair its so easy to do and cheap. Cars are so cheap to pick up off ebay and even if its breaks down you wont be stranded and its all part of the fun. Dont forget if you liked this site and feel you can sponsor us please do it all helps and is the purpose of this.

Social Media

Benidorm or Bust Official Website

Fancy doing a car rally yourself? Check out the organisers main page here for details on how you can join the fun.

Benidorm or Bust Official Facebook.

This is the organisers main Facebook page, you can meet the other drivers here and see past rally photos..

Benidorm or Bust Official Twitter.

This is the organisers official twitter page, worth checking on once the rally starts.

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This was the previous rally we did back in 2009. We drove a modified VW Scirroco in the theme of the Back To The Future Delorean, with a computer based twist.

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