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Day 5 Blog


Getting out of dodge

After a very eventful yesterday we made sure we got up early to leave Benidorm. We didnt fancy being stopped again.. so in the hotel car park we removed the rally stickers and taxi sign to try and make the car blend in a bit better. As we got on to the streets of Benidorm about 1/2 click up the road.. a police car appeared behind us... nothing seems it worked. We made our way on to the main motorway.. but in the direction of Barcelona.. the aim of the days was to reach France 12 hrs of driving. The journey was long our total miles for the trip so far was 2125 Miles... quite a bit for a banger. The problem with the high ways are the tolls... with our fuel & toll pot slowy running out.. we decided to take a different route without tolls and headed towards Marseilles... ending up staying in a hotel in Arles. Which is where I am typing this. This page is going to include tomorrow blog as well.

MOnday - Today to head to the french town Sochuex ( i think thats right - no spell check in notepad). Hopefully here we will get to meet the actual Movie car from the film that our car is emulating... so fingers crossed another 6hr starts now.,