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Day 5 Blog


We have arrived in Benidorm!!

Sorry no blog uploaded last night due to our expensive hotels wifi not working!! How bad is that

The morning of leaving Zaragoza was wicked everyone was in a great mood from the evening before. How short lived this was to become... less than 45minutes into the days driving a group of us decided to pull off the main highway to get some fuel etc.. Rumours had gone around that a team had already been pulled by Police and fined 40 euros for having a bag on there rear seats.

Just as we had finished fuelling a lone police on a motorbike appeared, park facing us and we could hear him radioing in the descriptions on all our cars. We thought the best move was to leave but as we tried we were stopped in our tracks and each of our cars photographed and our licences copied. We thought things were about to get worse as another policeman appeared on a bike.. however as he got off his bike and walked over to our car the only words from his lips were "Ninja!!"... the very words from the film our car stars in.. this made me chuckle and we were let on our way.

Back onto the highway and about 1km later.. a grey unmarked police car pulled us over.. to be conitinued.. by video & photos.

Update\; we made it to Benidorm some 1500miles booked in to Palm Beach Hotel and straight into pool.