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Day 3 Blog


Its going to be an expensive fare ...

Wow.. what an eventful day today... We woke up to a rather rainy Poitiers.. even worse! I woke up to lots a facebooks messages and videos  letting me know that the Kaxi car had been blaring the theme tune out all night long over 7 hours of it!! some people even wnet out and filmed the car playing music all to its self... we were worried that we would start the day with a flat battery..but no!! she was a gem and started straight away! so a result for the morning..

We then set off leaving behind the horrible weather heading towards the pyrenees mountains.. all was going good until noticed the car was behaving oddly... this meant every time we de-accelerated the car seemed to be still revving... power went down until we were struggling to get over 40mph. We chugged along until we got to the next services. Upon popping the bonnet.. we saw the horrible sight of oil sprayed over the engine.. we had a leak to find.. (thats a 1 you owe us Phil Malcolm) we let the car cool down for about an 1hour.. then set about taking off various engine hoses, to find one of the breather pipes had split in multiple places.. and needed fixing... the perfect fix for this sort of problem when you dont have a spare hose to replace it with is..... GAFFER TAPE!!!

The gaffer tape was applied and did the job 101%... we set on our journey and decided to miss the midday checkpoint to head straight to the end of day one at the hotel. Along the way.. still in france we were bombarded with people wanting to take more photos or film. One chap on a motorbike stopped us.. and in turn took a photo of us as well.

The rest of the journey was epic driving into the long tunnels under the pyrenees and the sights amazing.. we have recorded lots of video on gorpo's which we will upload once back as the internet connection just cant handle the file sizes of these videos. Highest temperature of the day was around 26 degrees.

Right time for bed.  we had a look around zaragoza town.. very nice.. and now its time for a nap.,