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Day 2 Blog


Its going to be an expensive fare ...

Day 2 - the morning of calais.. looking out of the window the site was much clearer than last night. 200 Bangers lining the hotel carparks. We shared 100 spaces with the local police!.

After breakfast we all had to meet up for 9am start..the turn out was impressive I will upload videos as soon as i can, but for now check out these cars!.


We all grouped together to get our instructions for the day.. and the route!

We were given our challenges for the day and all setoff for our first meeting point a halfway point between Calais and Poiters..

As we drove the interest in the car by the french became quite over whelming,.. any time we stopped people came up and asked to have photos of the car.... but then we started notice people were following us and filming us, and then would pull smiling beside us sticking there thumbs up and honking there horns. As we got closer to Poiters this got more and more intense.. which was brilliant. We had convoyed up as we had a working sat nav with a couple of teams.. so our convoy was good.

We had a problem at a certain tollbooth.. the workers wanted the car to fly!!


The Kaxi.. always in front :)