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Day 1 Blog


Its going to be an expensive fare ...

Well this morning... we are about to leave home to set on our journey across to Dover. Its pouring with rain... and very windy.... I will update as we get nearer Dover!

Oh my look how rough the sea looks!

Heres our parked in Dover by some local graffiti


While we wait to get on ferry.. the weather gets better.

Have a look at some of the pics taken in Blackpool this morning..


Looks very wet... we shall be convoying up with more cars later..


The ferry was delayed at dover by 3hrs because of the horrific weather.. the wind was awful. We have got into Calais just before 10pm.. and I am now sat in the hotel.. using its awful wifi.

This is the hotel carpark in Calais.. filling up nicely with bangers.. speak again tomorrow! - Check out our route below!