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Film Car Glovebox

The TAXI car in the film has a control panel built into the glovebox. This control activates various modifications on the car.

But its a lefty!

Our car is its not left hand drive, which means the glovebox shape is mirrored in the UK. A template was made in reverse.

Glovebox template

I set about fitting all the correct switches and dials, in the reverse formation mainly so they fitted.

Test Fit

With the wiring all in place it was time to test the panel in the car. All seemed to work and i managed to wire up a couple of surprise switches.

Pointless Panel

Heres a better look of the control panel in situ. Its totally pointless so check out the video below of it in operation in the car.

Pointless Lights

Pointless Panel of Fun

The Visors

The TAXI car in the film has pop down visors to control the flight of the car. So a simple design came in place starting with cutting into the visor.

Starting with dials

The next step was to produce the next layer to the gauges, matching those found in the film. Four gauges in all just like in a plance cockpit.

1 Shop Plastic

I managed to get the plastics used from the local 1 shop as parts of packagaing material. The clear stuff worked well as glass and only 1!

Next Layer

The top layer of the gauges were cut and placed over the fake glass. This meant i could go the whole hog and make the dials for the gauges.

The Dials

The dials for the gauges were made by drawing them on my PC and printing them onto sticky paper.. and then just stuck under the glass.

UHU Strikes Back

All was going well.. until it came to stick them together.. I used the wrong type of UHU glue... which spread over everything!!

Darken it up

It was time to sort the back of the visors, having cut out the surplus foam so the dials could be mounted it was a matter of spraying it black.

Ready to fit

It looks good in this picture.. sadly.. the UHU ruined it as it involved lots of acetone to clean it off.. this ruined the final finished piece.

Its got lights

Of course.. there a bit of lighting installed... i used a tilt switch so the dials only light up when in the down position. Works well!

The next panel

Having completed one visor, it was time to start the other side... this one requires a bit more electronics fitted.. ill update soon.

GPS Tracker

Having used GPS trackers for years, I have rigged the car with one.. so you can call it and if you have a smartphone it will display our location on google maps.

Onboard Video

The car is fitted with onboard video DVR which records every journey the Kaxi takes. always eventful..

Remote Audio

Coming Soon!

Laser Vision

Coming Soon!

Remote VFX

Coming Soon!