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Spare Bumper

Managed to pick up a spare 406 bumper for 10 on ebay. Perfect starting point as i have never modded a bumper before.

Cardboard Time

Using shape of the bumper i traced out the new lip using cardboard below the bumper. Made mounting holes easier to work out.


I then trimmed the template so I could make sure it fitted the piece of wood I had to make the lower lip.


The base of the bumper was then cut from a piece of hardboard. This meant the bumper could be affixed to it quite easily.


Next I had to start to fill the lip with expanding foam, this would help the filling process later.


The foam was trimmed and shaped to make the lip more aero dynamic, before I could apply any filler.


Next a set of supports were added, to help remove the down force on the front lip of the bumper.

Edge Vents

I shaped some cardboard and made the side bumper vents filling them again with expanding foam.

Edge Vents

With the foam dry I then started cutting out the shape of the side vents to the contours of the bumper.

Filler Time

I then began appling plastic filler onto the expanding foam to give the lip a bit more rigidty.


Sanding and priming the middle section is starting to take shape. One corner nearly done.

Spray Time!

I'd had enough of this bumper it was taking too long, so I settled on its condition and it was time for spray

Finally A face

Spray job completed and the bumper is re-assembled ready to be fitted back on the car.. with a couple of extras

Time to fit

Headlights out to fit a bumper!..fingers crossed all is good. I even fitted the movie car french number plate.

Fully fitted!

After much jiggling around.. its fitted.. a few cracks already to address but its on and solid. Yay!

Roof Vents

Creating the roof scoops was fun, I started with expanding foam by filling a box with the stuff. I then cut out the shape of the roof vent once dried.

Filler Time!

Once I had cut the shape, I coated the foam with plastic filler to give it some rigidity. It also added a little bit of weight to it..

Prime Coat

I added a primer coat to help with the smoothing of the filler. As you can see the surface was very rough and needed filling..

Sanding it smooth

A coouple of hours with the sander, the vent is starting to take shape still a few rough sides to sort but the vent is getting close to end product..


Primered again.. got to smooth inner rim for grills.. so more filling to go yet.. but looking like a roof vent more and more.

Rear Spoiler

20 and a tank of fuel to get this.

Priming spoiler

Priming the main section of the spoiler.

Oversized End Caps

I cut a new set of end caps to the size of the movie car.!

Painted Middle

The middle section was painted in white..

Fitted to boot

Had to make a custom mount but its now fitted to the boot..