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a 40 ebay bargain!

I started with a TAXI from Ebay.FR.. it has Paris Decals.. so needed to be modded for Marseille!.

Printed Vinyl

I printed off a set of wording in black vinyl. Nice and simple font and easy to apply.

Applying Wording

The vinyl was then checked and rubbed to ensure the backing would come off the sign freely.

Vinyl Applied

The vinyl was applied both sides, but the result was ok. Next stop was to fit some lights inside the unit


Now for the fun bit, I added a lighting circuit with a little difference. Maybe worth making it sound activated, not sure.

Taxi Sign Modsembed video in html by v3.0 Kaxi Marseilles - Taxi Roof Light Fixing Test

Added some electronics just to bling up the sign - click play :)


A couple of sets of side art were made in vinyl. Not yet applied to the car but match that what was in the film.

Applying to car

I added the TAXI sign to the doors of the car. Making sure I got the slice right so the doors could open ok.

K is for KAXI!

Not forgetting to add the Letter K for Kaxi over the original movie signage.Need to find some orange vinyl!

Front Signage

Front signage fitted, totally random taxi related stickers and others.. Cancer Research, NOS etc. etc...

Rear Signage

Added sponsorship message.. plus one to cover a boot scab.. not forgetting the offical benidorm or bust sticker.