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Original cloth seats

The TAXI car in the film was fitted with a set of leather seats often fitted in the executive model of the 406.

Rear cloth seats

Our car came with cloth seats, they needed to go... it was time to find some leather interior instead.

Leather Interior

Ebay strikes again someone local to me was breaking a 406 and had a leather interior going cheap.

Leather Interior

So a deal was done, and the seats were collected. They were a bit rough and needed a clean up.


I spent an afternoon rubbing some leather restorer into the seats, they had been neglected & were a bit dirty.


I set about removing the rear seats, you pull two levers in the boot & then unbolt the lower seat.

Fitted Rear Leather

Looking good with the rear seats fitted.. now wheres that last headrest!

Passenger Front

Turns out the seats I got were electric and the car didnt have eletric cloth seats in them.

Modifying Loom

This meant I had to wire them up. Easy for the passenger side as Peugeot leave the loom in place.

Drivers Fronts

However the drivers seat,. required a rethink and rewire to get it working.

Standard Wheel

The original steering wheel on the 406 was worn out, and the airbag didnt sit correctly as somebody had broken a retainer clip. The movie car had a quick release Isotta wheel.

No Steering Wheel

Searching ebay I was unable to find a BOSS to fit the a different wheel. So i vistited scrap yards and tried different wheels on a 406 until I found the BOSS for a 307 Peugoet would.

Isotta Wheel

Ebay striked again and managed to find a similair Isotta Steering wheel for 20!.. and as a bonus fits the 307 BOSS perfect.. the downside there is no sensor for the IT2000 power steering.. so its locked at one speed.


The downside meant i had to disconnect the air bags... and to avoid the dreaded airbag light I had to hack the airbag system with some bypass resistors fitted neatly under the horn press.


Once the hack was done there were no error left on the dash ... great as the car needed a MOT soon.,