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a 40 ebay bargain!

The TAXI car in the film has a set of TSW IMOLA's. These are pretty old wheels these days but I managed to find a set on ebay for 40.

In for a refurb

They needed a refurb and respray to make them good again, but they came up really well, even painted the locking nuts blue.

Some new rubber

I needed two new tyres which i got cheap from ECO tyres the other two were good enough to be refitted.

Restored Imolas

All four wheels here looking good..compared to how i got them.. some new rubber just need to be ready to fit to the car.

Test fitted to car.

A quick test fit to the car found they car sits pretty high, but they look great !

No Spacers

The film car the wheels fit the arches well, so it was time to invest in spacers and lowering springs.

Wheel Spacers

I got a friend to machine out some spacers from alloy to help push the wheels out a bit.

Shiney new springs!

Got hold of a set of PI lowering springs... to lower the car by 40mm. This will hopefully make the car sit better and stop the horrific body drift the car has.


Although they probably dont look it in the photo the new RED springs are 40mm shorter than the original black ones. So they were fitted and the result is much better.

Sitting Better

At present I have decided not to lower the fronts, as im not sure how the car will sit with the front bumper once it is made. So in the meantime all done on the wheel front.