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Movie Car


If you havent already noticed by now... Our car is based on the star car as found in the french Taxi movies. The TAXI movies star a pimped out Peugeot 406 driven by Taxi driver Daniel.

The films are made by Luc Besson and although they are in French if you are into car movies.. they are classic movies and a must have. Check out the videos below

So to get ourselves a car for this rally.. the first thing was to find ourselves a white Peugeot 406..... the film car is a V6... unfortunatley for us we could only find 1.8l model for the budget available. So first port of call was of course Ebay, I have sourced previous cars there for rally. I was lucky enough to pick up a car from a drink driver who no longer had a licence and a pretty clean car too.

Next thing was to write out a list of modifications to make to match the film car. these were wheels, spoiler, steering wheel and taxi sign. Ebay became the source of most of these items, but along the way ive had to make some myself.


Looking at the movie car.. I dont think we will manage the wings!... but you never know!



The first film used a phase 1 Peugoet 406 slightly different front grill and rear lights.


Our car is based on the phase 2 model Peugoet 406 used in this film.


This film they used the phase 2 406 again with some wicked modifications


This film they used a 407... :(.

movie car transformations

Taxi (1998) trailer - Marion Cotillard Transformation de la Peugeot 406 dans TAXI 2 TAXi2 Taxi 3 intro Taxi 3 (2002) - La course ! TAXi3 TAXI 2embed video in html by v3.0

Enjoy these videos!